CLEAR DE ROAD: Counter Archives of Resistance

image of 175 Years Emancipation

Clear de Road: Counter Archives of Resistance proCLAIM (2023) – performance at dusk as part of “CLEAR DE ROAD: Counter Archives of Resistance” The Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums has partnered with the 175th Emancipation Committee to present: “CLEAR DE ROAD: Counter Archives of Resistance” at Fort Frederik Museum, St. Croix Virgin Islands, opening […]


image of Torinus: Vorwärts

Multimediale bilaterale Ausstellung mit unseren Schweizer Nachbar*innen. 10 zu 10 künstlerische Positionen im Dialog. BERLIN – SCHAFFHAUSEN 6. bis 29. Oktober 2023 in der Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler IRRITATION – eine maximale ästhetische Verwirrung Der Verein Berliner Künstler präsentiert die multimediale Ausstellung „IRRITATION – eine maximale ästhetische Verwirrung“ als 3. Teil des gemeinsamen Projektes von […]

Banff Centre’s Evolution: Classical 2023

Banff Centre

Excited and grateful to be a part of the mentor-faculty team of Banff Centre’s Evolution: Classical 2023, online & in person this summer. We’ll have an amazing time together! Banff Centre

Chetham’s International Festival

Masaki Torinus Chetham Festival

August 17, 2018 at the Chetham’s School of Music, England Pianist Megumi Masaki performs ‘Corona’ and ‘Touch’, by Canadian composer Keith Hamel, as well as Douglas Finch’s ‘Epiphanies’, with live video by Sigi Torinus. Douglas Finch: Epiphanies

Clarinetfest 2018

Noiseborder I hear your voice

July 10 – Oostende, Belgium. Trevor Pittman performs I hear your voice in the circling night by Brent Lee (composer, live audio processing) and Sigi Torinus (live video).

Hybrid Labs


Hybrid Labs/Renewable Futures 2018Challenging the future of knowledge creation through art and science. Oslofjord Ecologies ExtendedThe exhibition is based on results of artistic research processes following common workshops, field trips and earlier exhibitions and performances linked to the Creative Europe project Renewable Futures and the Nordic collaboration Hybrid Labs. Curated by Kristin Bergaust on behalf […]

Canadian Music Centre Toronto

Megumi Masaki's Music 4 Eyes + Ears

  Come hear/see us at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto on January 12, 2018, @ 5:30 pmat the Meg Masaki MUSIC4EYES+EARS Centrediscs Album launch! Megumi Masaki with composers Keith Hamel and Brent Lee, and visual artist Sigi Torinus will be performing works from the album. David Jaeger will share his experiences working on the […]

Oslofjord Ecologies

browsing beauty at Oslofjord Ecologies

Curated by Renewable Futures – Kristin Bergaust & Rasa Smite in collaboration with RAM Galleri/Madeleine Park August 12-20, 2017 With Andrea Sunder-Plassmann/browsing beauty and Brent Lee (saxophone and sound). For Oslofjord Ecologies browsing beauty focuses on the intersection of beauty and sustainability by creating aesthetic moments set to conjure seedlings for an environmental ethic. We seek […]

HACIA LA LUZ at the Festival del Caribe

Festival del Caribe, Santiago de CubaBiblioteca Elvira Cape – 6 de Julio, 19:30pm audiovisual performanceAsistente Yuri Seoane Hacia la Luz es una pieza que inicialmente comenzé de crear y colectar material durante un projecto de mural en Santiago de Cuba (Internos, 2000). Hacia la Luz captura la vida cotidiana en las calles de Cuba con […]

in/fuse 23

The Noiseborder Ensemble presents a program of new multimedia performances on March 24 at 7:30 in Lambton Studio A. Windsor ON, with works by David Bergeron, Sarah Kelly, Brent Lee, Nicole Lizée, Chris McNamara, and Sigi Torinus Featuring Sigi Torinus, Martin Schiller, Trevor Pittman, Chris McNamara, Megumi Masaki, Brent Lee, Sarah Kelly, and David Bergeron […]

Festival de Musiques de Création, Jonquière, Québec

May 14, 15 &16, 2015, Jonquière, Québec: Subatomic Time is presented as part of the Festival de Musiques de Création (Sigi Torinus, Brent Lee, Nicholas Papador). SUBATOMIC TIME performance in Jonquiere, Canada (2015)