Festival of Lights in Berlin

browsing beauty Bethanien, Berlin (2014)

Andrea Sunder-Plassmann & Sigi Torinus: browsing beauty video projection mappingSaturday, October 11, 2014: Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin GermanyMariannenplatz 2, from 8-10 pm

Noiseborder performs at w.a.v.e.s. Festival

Noiseborder at W.A.V.E.S. Festival (2014)

Saturday, September 27, 2014Windsor, ON – Riverside @ Crawford on the FAM stage with Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus, Anna Atkinson, Yiru Chen, Anthony Giglio, Megumi Masaki, Nicholas Papador, Trevor Pittman, Martin Schiller, Mike Stone, Keith Wilkinson.

10,000 Monarchs performance

Torinus 10,000 Monarchs

May 24, 2014 – 2-5 pm, Art Gallery of Windsor: an interactive performanceWorking from a meditative trance, Torinus will be ‘reading’ how participants negotiate the space between home and faraway, between being in the body and outside, between what they are aspiring and where they are in the present. Post by Art Gallery of Windsor. 10000 Monarchs […]

Noiseborder meets matralab

Noiseborder inFuse19 matralab 2014

March 28-April 2, 2014: the Noiseborder Ensemble welcomes matralab artists Sandeep Bhagwati , Adam Basanta, Jen Reimer, Max Stein, Julian Stein, Navid Navab and Felix Del Tredici from matralab (Concordia University/Montreal) for a series of presentations and performances, culminating in a collaborative multimedia event with the Noiseborder Ensemble on April 1.


Noiseborder performs CYCLE

the Noiseborder Ensemble presents cycle~, an experiment in live audio-visual coding and improvisation. We will develop computer algorithms in real time using Max and Quartz Composer software as the algorithms are used to process live audio and video feeds. https:/vimeo.com/88676963

Club Instabil 2013

ClubInstabil presents Noiseborder

Kunstmühle, Braunschweigblackhole-factory meets the Noiseborder Ensemble The Noiseborder Ensemble presents Master Control – an ongoing collaboration with blackhole-factory’s Martin Slawig and Elke Utermöhlen in Braunschweig. with Brent Lee, Sigi Torinus, Trevor Pittman, Megumi Masaki, Chris McNamara, Nicolas de Cosson, Owen Erik Wood, Anthony Giglio and Martin Schiller multimedia performance: acoustic and electronic instruments, live processing, interactive sound […]

Chamberfest Ottawa 2013

Monday, August 5 at the National Gallery Pianist Megumi Masaki presents Ferrovia by Brent Lee and Sigi Torinus at the International Chamber Music Festival in Ottawa

Ferrovia in Ireland at Sonorities Festival

Ferrovia at Sonorities Festival

Megumi Masaki, Brent Lee and Sigi Torinus present Ferrovia (for piano and interactive audio and video) at the CIT Cork School of Music and at the Sonorities Festival in Belfast (April 22-28, 2013).


Megumi Masaki,  Brent Lee  and Sigi Torinus present Ferrovia (for piano and interactive audio and video) at the Sonorities Festival, Belfast in April 28, 2013 further performances of Ferrovia: Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, National Gallery August 5, 2013 Klang und Bild, MUSIC 4 EYES & EARS II 
– new technologies pushing the boundaries of live piano music, […]

Noiseborder Ensemble Performances

Performances with the Noiseborder Ensemble this season: in/fuse 16 March 21, 2013 Lambton Tower, Studio A, Windsor ON MASTER CONTROL February 7, 2013 Lambton Tower, Studio A, Windsor ON BUNME New Music Festival December 5 and 6, 2012 Brandon, Manitoba SUBATOMIC TIME performed November 29, 2012 at PASIC, Austin, Texas DISCRETE October 26, 2012 Lambton Tower, Studio A, Windsor […]