September 12, 2018

curated by Jutta Barth

opens Friday, September 14 at 7pm

15. September – 7. Oktober 2018

UNIKATE von Künstlerbüchern und Künstlertagebüchern.

GEBUNDENE ZEIT (TIED TIME) explores associations of remembering, forgetting, holding on, and documenting life expressions: documentation of an experience, a diary entry, a creative idea. At the same time, viewing or reading a book is a temporal process: turning pages, moving forward and backward.

“- a book is a certain sequence of moments. … To make a book is to realize its ideal space-time sequence by creating a synchronous string, be it verbal or other characters. … The new art knows that books exist as objects of an external reality and are subject to concrete conditions such as perception, existence, exchange ect. ”
Ulises Carrión, 1988

The exhibition uses a variety of media, ranging from artistic and graphic approaches to photography and digital diaries.

Participating artists:
Jutta Barth, Nele Probst, Sigi Torinus, Norma Drimmer, Ute Faber, Andrea Streit, ameret, Rosika Janko-Glage, Monika Bartsch, Claudia Kochsmeier, Sandra Becker, Simone Kornfeld, Helga Wagner, Barbara Zirpins, Ulrike Frank, Peter Schlangenbader, Larissa Nod, Franziska Rutishauser, Detlef Suske, Gerda Berger, Renate Pfrommer

My contribution: 

NEVER THE SAME consisting of two books: one holding a video, and an accordion fold book with drawings of floating objects that seem frozen, with nothing in their usual place. What fascinates me is the feeling of weightlessness in the simultaneous chaos. Objects float that are usually grounded to the earth. The shape of the accordion fold is particularly inspiring as the individual pages can be shaped like the walls of a house. For example, one of the pages has a cut-out open window, and another holds a ladder. The accompanying video shows surreal and poetic images taken after a hurricane that keep showing up in the most unexpected moments; the only stable thing is a boat’s porthole. Sometimes it’s like you’re looking out, sometimes you’re looking in, but everything you see is not stable – images I collected after the storms that only exist because of the storms…

Background: In September 2017, two hurricanes devastated the Virgin Islands where I grew up: Category 5 hurricane Irma followed by Category 5 Maria just two weeks later. There was not much left of our family home – the roof flew away, and with it, most of everything. I spent much time removing mountains of garbage and scouting for our belongings. The house sat as ruin all of 2018, and we started rebuilding in 2019.

VBK Gebundene Zeit invite