Lingua Franca

LINGUA FRANCA (2014) video still

LINGUA FRANCA: with Cuban-Canadian artist José Seoane As migrants between Western and non-Western worlds, between the tropics and the North, we have been inspired to cross borders and to move over, under, and along cultural boundaries. In this project we look at language and the possibilities of communication within cultural differences. animation stills: While the project is evolving, our first […]

Browsing Beauty

an ongoing multimedia installation project with German artist Andrea Sunder-Plassmann investigating the ephemeral and random nature of beauty as well as its culturally-bound notions. Browsing Beauty capitalizes on the dialogues and unsuspected relationships that emerge when formal and unfamiliar conceptions of beauty are juxtaposed in time and space. Each exhibition is unique, with a specific […]

Puntos Cardinales

performs a dialogue between home and away, migration and rootedness, imagination and desire, walking and standing still, embodied liveness and virtual space.    exhibited at Casa Las Américas, La Habana (2017), and at the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham with José Seoane (2004)  Puntos Cardinales publication (cover)Puntos Cardinales publication (by Lorenzo Buj)


Noiseborder Ensemble

The Noiseborder Ensemble creates and performs multimedia works featuring a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as live processing and mixing of sound and video. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the group has presented more than thirty original multimedia works of varying instrumentation, duration, and forms of interactivity since its inception in 2008. The […]