Inspired by growing up in the Caribbean and since traversing between the Tropics and the North, I’ve been creating a series of works investigating the island (sun-drenched, white-sanded, lush, with blue-watered coastlines) as a metaphor situated somewhere between isolation and uniqueness, the fascination of the faraway, the promise of a slower pace, shipwreck and utopia…

My work plays with notions of how we inhabit space that are both tangible and at other times elusive to the body. We are constantly recording ‘pictures’ – they are stored in the body and contribute to a huge database of non-linear, embodied, physical and spiritual information. Everything is composed of energy, and awareness moves energy. I am fascinated with the process of how we negotiate this space and create change.

I situate my research in the space between conceptual objects and material sensuality. I love working with video, as it appears as liquid light: ethereal and in constant flux. I believe in complexity, dialectics, affinities, portability, flexibility, keeping the energy moving, and the interconnectedness of all.


Projects I am currently working on:

LINGUA FRANCA: with Cuban-Canadian artist José Seoane As migrants between Western and non-Western worlds, between the tropics and the North, we have been inspired to cross borders and to move over, under, and along cultural boundaries. In this project we look at language and the possibilities of communication within cultural differences.

animation stills:

  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua01
  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua02
  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua03

While the project is evolving, here’s our first iteration, shown at Galerie einraum5-7 Braunschweig, Germany this summer (tongue sculptures, paintings, video installation with a contribution by Yuri Seoane):

  • Seoane-Lingua_2014-01
  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua04
  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua05
  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua06
  • Torinus-Seoane_Lingua07

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BROWSING BEAUTY: an ongoing multimedia installation project with German artist Andrea Sunder-Plassmann investigating the ephemeral and random nature of beauty as well as its culturally-bound notions. Browsing Beauty capitalizes on the dialogues and unsuspected relationships that emerge when formal and unfamiliar conceptions of beauty are juxtaposed in time and space. Each exhibition is unique, with a specific sub theme for each new venue and cultural context.

Kunstmuseet KUBE, Norway (2015)
Festival of Lights; projection on the Bethanien in Kreuzberg, Berlin (2014)

browsing beauty browsingbeauty-steinkjer1 chatham_01 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE browsing beauty

Here’s a documentation  excerpt from the Centro de Desarollo de Artes Visuales, Plaza Vieja, La Habana, Cuba (2014)

Here’s a documentation  excerpt from the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (2010)

A documentation excerpt from the Steinkjer/Norway show (2011)

Here’s the browsing beauty site.


As a co-founder of the Noiseborder Ensemble  my research focusses on exploring creative ways visual and sonic components of a multimedia performance can connect and interact on both conceptual and technical levels. Since 2008 we have created and performed more than twenty multimedia works of varying instrumentation, duration, and forms of interactivity. My contributions are in generating video and image material, working on conceptual frameworks for pieces, and designing the publicity material, thus giving the project a visual identity.

Below is a selection of projects; more can be viewed on the Noiseborder Ensemble site.

PRANA (2014)
Inspired by the idea of breathing being the driving force for “painting” unfolding on the wall, I created a piece with Max/Jitter where the amplitude of the wind instrument (here Felix del Tredici, trombone; Trevor Pittman, clarinet; Brent Lee: sound) controls the level of visibility of smoke on the wall.



SUBATOMIC TIME (2010-2013)

Subatomic Time


a 35-minute performance piece featuring solo percussionist Nicholas Papador, live audio processing by Brent Lee (also the composition), and live video mixing. The title of the piece reflects the central notion of extremes of spatial and temporal scale; parallels are drawn between camera-related techniques (zoom, focus, pan, colour saturation) and audio processing (amplification, reverberation and filtering, spatialization, spectral manipulations). Aural and visual material is presented sometimes in parallel, sometimes in counterpoint, and sometimes heterophonically. My contribution includes the visual design, the video and image material, as well as the live mixing with Max/Jitter.