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As a co-founder of the Noiseborder Ensemble I've been exploring creative ways visual and sonic components of a multimedia performance can connect and interact on both conceptual and technical levels. Since 2008 we have created and performed more than twenty multimedia works of varying instrumentation, duration, and forms of interactivity. My contributions are in generating video and image material, working on conceptual frameworks for pieces, and designing and creating a visual identity for the project.

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SUBATOMIC TIME (2010-2015) is a 35-minute performance piece featuring solo percussionist Nicholas Papador, live audio processing by Brent Lee (also the composition), and live video mixing. The title of the piece reflects the central notion of extremes of spatial and temporal scale; parallels are drawn between camera-related techniques (zoom, focus, pan, colour saturation) and audio processing (amplification, reverberation and filtering, spatialization, spectral manipulations). Aural and visual material is presented sometimes in parallel, sometimes in counterpoint, and sometimes heterophonically. My contribution includes the visual design, the video and image material, as well as the live mixing with Max/Jitter.

PRANA (2013-14): Inspired by the idea of breathing being the driving force for “painting” unfolding on the wall, I created a piece with Max/Jitter where the amplitude of the wind instrument controls the level of visibility of smoke on the wall (here Felix del Tredici, trombone; Trevor Pittman, clarinet; Brent Lee: sound).


is a brief multimedia sketch for piano, two-channel video and live audio processing. The piece was the result of a workshop with pianist Megumi Masaki and composer Brent Lee, and is based on the central concept of parallel lines. This sketch served as a model for a longer work entitled Ferrovia, part of Megumi Masaki’s Music 4 Eyes and Ears project.

music composed by Brent Lee, with Trevor Pittman performing on bass clarinet.


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