Inspired by my background growing up in the Caribbean and since traversing between the Tropics and the North, I've been working on a series of works looking at narratives from personal as well as collective memories.

The island (sun-drenched, white-sanded, lush and with blue-watered coastlines) as metaphor situated somewhere between the fascination of being far away, the promise of a slower pace, isolation and uniqueness, shipwreck or utopia...

Puntos Cardinales (2017)
an installation around the idea of origin and destination


AMALA (2010):
a video inspired by an Afrocuban folklore, a “pataki”. Patakines were based on oral mythologies of the Yoruba culture transcribed into Spanish when brought to Cuba by slaves. The artists worked with the Cuban theatre group Macuba to tell the story of 2 deities: Oba and Chango. Chango represents the divinity of thunder and lightening, Oba represents the Orisha of home and marriage.

The idea of how far the act of giving can go before it becomes an act of sacrifice is here a metaphor that works not only within a relationship, but also for a group, as well as a nation (talking about the relationship first world – third world, inside – outside).


OLOFI (2012):
a video based on a pataki on the origin of the world; the dialectics of discord and harmony as creative forces




(Look at Me (But Don’t Touch) investigates the question of difference; the gaze, the souvenir, tourism and why are we so intrigued by the “other”, by “lost cultures/places”.


Sun in Pisces


a 2-channel video as a mediation on the alchemical journey where spirit and matter are in a continual process of creation and destruction, with the sky being the one constant in our lives